Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eight of the People Arrested were Illegal Immigrants

The title of this post is "eight of the people arrested were illegal immigrants" but I would like to point out that they ARE illegal immigrants. You have to understand that up here in the "Great Northwest", we seem to be very politically correct.
Three pounds of Meth and four pounds Pot? Eight of the nine "were" illegal?

No, there's no cause for concern here.... read the article for yourself.

I guess a fair question is; what would have prevented this? Would a change in our immigration laws have stopped this from happening? Maybe tighter border security, deploy the National Guard!

How can we rid our country of illegal immigrants? During World War II, we put a lot of people in internment camps to “protect” our citizens. Now understand that I’m NOT suggesting this course of action, but would like to point out that we have come a long way since then…..maybe too far.

We have to address the issues of illegal immigration and border security better then we have in recent history. Otherwise, our country will continue to arrest, prosecute and keep these illegal immigrants using our tax dollars and burdening a legal system they are not entitled to.

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