Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm With You - But Would Like to Add That...

I to am sick and damned tired of the politicians who refuse to address this problem. In my view this is a clear demonstration of why the political division in this country runs too deep. This is an example of patrician politics at its height.

We are asking, no demanding that our elected leaders perform their constitutional duty and protect our borders. For them to guarantee our border security, more then a wall will be required.

A bi-partisan solution has to be created that will address border security and illegal immigration. I don’t think we can successfully address one without thoughtfully addressing the other. I don’t think we can put a wall up and deport every illegal in the country back to their homeland (even if we knew where their homeland was). Mostly because when those illegals give birth in the US, then they are US citizens according to the
14th amendment.

So when we ask our elected leaders to perform their constitutional duty, we cannot be selective as to which constitutional duties we are asking them to execute. There will have to be compromise to the extent where those in this country illegally have motivation to become legal US citizens. If not, then they will continue to be the financial burden of every legal citizen and community across America.

This motivation should come from those who employ non-documented workers. These employers should be severely fined, and if found to continually violate policy, be subjected to more harsh penalties such as liquidation, or forced retrenchment. This is similar to the policy for violations of the EPA. If there were no employers willing to hire them would they come?

I have agreed, in part, to almost each of the proposals recently talked about on the Hill. I think the real question is, are there a couple of leaders in this country willing to put forth a proposal that will possibly lose them the “swing” vote in the next election for the greater good of our country.

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tinaoz said...

Did you know there were only 3 companies fined last year for hiring illegals? The employers of these illegals is where we need to start....YOU can also help by NOT HIRING THEM to do your: yardwork, construction, etc... The drain their children are putting on our schools and hospitals is tremendous. Call your congressmen, write and email!!