Saturday, July 29, 2006

My family-Summer Fun

This is my part of the family...some pictures, mostly of "the boys" having tons of fun this summer. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them.

This is my most favorite picture of my wonderful Husband of 14 years, Ozzy. As the kids say, He's "the man"!

Here's Randall. He looks just like his Dad, huh? (all grown up...)

He's looking more like him every year...

This is the big tree in our backyard...we just can't keep 'em out of it.

Randall and the boys at the waterpark...

Tyler...this is his last day of (Pre-K) school below. He loved it there.
(They're all superheros)...

Dom and Tyler at the park.
You know Boys will be boys....
Hot fun in the Summertime...
Tyler started Kindergarten this year...yes, already; Dom has started the Second grade. He just turned 8...
You know Papa has to get into the action!!
They're going to a brand new school in Allen...Gosh it seems like only yesterday...

These are some pics of them just having Dominic's Birthday party...First, a couple of Randall and Kat.
Who's this young man??
Dom got his trophy!
There was a out, Randall has "control".
This is Tyler and just one of his many favorite cousins, Catherine.
You know they're always worn out by the time we get done with them!!
I hope you all had a great summer!!!! Those're my babies, I hope you enjoyed the photos!!

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