Thursday, August 03, 2006

Our Rennovation

  • If you're interested in seeing what we've had done to our condo, click on the pix[^] and then either go through the pictures manually or click on the show button. The show button is much more fun but then you don't get to see the comment.

    This all came about as a result of the nexus of several circumstances:
  • My desire to have a whirilpool tub
  • Saying the heck with it and our decision to redo the whole master bathroom
  • The sale of a rental property in Texas to fund major work by the Owner's Accociation
  • The Association deciding not to do the major work
  • Our realization that life is short

    We certainly didn't start out with the idea of a major rennovation, but here we are and it is much more pleasant to enjoy our surroundings than it was to cash a small monthly rent check.

    Anyway -come visit and enjoy it with us.