Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 4th Amendment

I recently became concerned about an Indiana Supreme Court ruling, one that negates (my opinion) the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. Below is a link to an article (a blog) that discusses the decision.

This is a link to a pdf document, the court's ruling:

I periodically meet with a 9-12 group, our focus is on studying the Constitution using a text book, "The Heritage Guide to the Constitution", which addresses the subject from the perspective of an "originalist", the way the founders meant it to read and NOT as a "living document" where the meanings of the words are changed to match current political philosophy. I traded emails with members of the group and was appalled at some of the feedback, being told that the ruling does not mean cops can willy-nilly enter my home and search at will.

I was not convinced but decided to shut up at that point because maybe I did read more into the ruling than I should have. That was until I came across the following blog entry from an Indiana sheriff:

Even given all of the above I still felt pretty smug as the 4th Amendment was still in effect because this particular ruling had not been appealed to the US Supreme Court where it would surely be struck down.

Oopsey, the Supreme Court just spoke:

This is all worse than I could have believed, especially given the increase in "Delayed Notice Search Warrants:

Welcome to the fascist state of America, we're no better than Russia, China or Iran.