Sunday, October 26, 2008

The election

Well I am about to drive to the post office to drop off another contribution to the McCain-Palin campaign.

I’m compelled to do so because I absolutely cannot stomach the idea of “The One” and a Democratic congress turning this nation into a communist pit of nanny states.

As a result of a union controlled public school system and a moronic media (newsprint as well as electronic) we’ve educated generations of Americans to believe that it is patriotic to hold their hands out and ask the government to take care of them. I saw the beginning of this during the presidency of LBJ and the, “War on Poverty”. That “war” did nothing but destroy black families and create a greater dependency on the Federal government.

It absolutely defies logic but somehow Barack (Barry, until he decided he was black) Hussein Obama has convinced many people that their lives will be better if only they would give him permission to redistribute wealth more evenly by increasing the tax level of some for the benefit of others.

In the Barack Hussein Obama view it is somehow appropriate to rape high income earners so he can write a check for the rest of the country. He calls it tax relief but it is welfare pure and simple because the people he is giving the tax break to, pay NO INCOME TAXES. The come back to my comment is that, “well sure they do, they pay Social Security Taxes”.

That is an utterly ignorant come back, but you’re welcome to your opinion. Why do I say it is ignorant? I say it because Social Security was implemented as a way of forcing “you” to save for your retirement. Now the messiah (ok, Barack Hussein Obama) wants a tax increase on the 1% of the population that currently pays 60% of the federal income tax so that the 40% who pay No income taxes will not have to shoulder the burden of saving for their own retirement.

What is so irritating is that this 40% who pay NO income taxes today ALREADY GET A CHECK TO COVER PAYMENT OF THESE TAXES. Yes folks, they do. It is called the, “Earned Income Tax Credit”. Yep, pay NO taxes, but get a refund.

Make sense to you?

Yes, it makes sense if you live in Venezuela or communist Russia –or- if you think it is okay to follow that model.

Speaking of Venezuela or Russia, please kneel down and say a prayer of thanks that our founders were prescient enough to give us the 2nd Amendment. Then stock up on ammo. We may need both.

In case you can’t tell, I fully support the McCain-Palin ticket, because we defeated Communism once and we can’t give it life here

Friday, October 03, 2008

Whose fault is it?

So ... whose fault is it? Not quite the story you've been told.