Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Half finished

Okay it has been a while since I posted anything. Normally I'd be upset enough about something going on that I'd post a rant. Problem is, we're still upside down here with the latest bit of renovations we have going on. Actually this bit is done. The master bedroom is now big enough to call it a master bedroom. The cat, poor Moose - bless her kitty heart, walks around trying to figure out what has happened. A couple of months ago she watched a bathroom disappear, only to see it be replaced by a much bigger one. Then she watched the bedroom disappear only to see it be replaced by yet another, bigger room. She's still having trouble figuring out where the wwalk-in closet came from, I don't think she's noticed that the office has disappeared.

We still haven't put everything back in it's proper place. We have 3 bedrooms worth of "stuff" (actually an office and 2 bedrooms) scattered on the balcony (hope nothing blows off) and in our living room, hallway and dining area. It really is fun to have to stumble over "stuff". Oh yeah, the dust is great too. I never in my wildest imagination (and I have an active one) would I have thought that a little sanding could generate dust dunes, but for sure we'll get that taken care of as well.

I haven't posted any pictures from Christmas, much less the renovations, since one of the things that is scattered all over the house happens to be our personal, non-work PC. With luck we can get that set back up and I can go back to ranting about things I can't control. Or not. Now that we've done the back of the condo (bath, bedroom, walk-in) it has become apparent that we need to do something about painting the rest of the place and re-carpeting. We're toying with not doing carpet but going with a bamboo floor. Bamboo is interesting, more expensive than laminate flooring (imitation wood) and less expensive than wood. Since it is a renewable resource (bamboo grows fast) it doesn't come at a premium. So we still have a decision to make, wood v. carpet v. laminate v. bamboo.
Oh, did I say the bedroom is red?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Just an Update

This is just an update about what has been going on with us. I thought I needed to provide an update because Grandpa has been going for so long I thought he might be out of breath. Well, trying to catch his breath anyway!

Everything on the home front is going well for us. We have a plan in the works that might get us back to the east coast around the June timeframe. We thought since we have already visited Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina it was time for an extended visit to the north in Virginia. Not to mention the fact that we have found the "Great Northwest" unappealing.

This is sort of nostalgic for me in a sense. I remember when we were in North Carolina and Grandpa and Grandma came to visit there. This is when I think Grandpa became a Republican! After their visit to see our youngest daughter (and the youngest Grand child) I actually thought there was a change in beliefs during this visit. During the visit to North Carolina there was the chance to see and experience many (a few) of the things that make our country great. This experience I think changed some beliefs, to an extent anyway.

So here we are, close to twenty years of service to the Country, and still looking for a place to call home. Hopefully these next couple of years will help to clear the waters for us. It'd be nice for my oldest daughter Veronica, (the 14 year old named after her Great Grandmother and Aunt) to spend her high school years in the same school. You can wager that I'm going to work for that to happen. She happens to have a unique combination, academic and athletic ability. Guess where I place the emphasis.

Speaking of academic accomplishments, I'd be remised not to mention a March 5th graduation. I will be graduating with a Master's of Science in Management degree (MSM). If you didn't know me, you'd never understand. That's because somewhere along the way I grew up. Must have been on August 12th, 1988. That's when I married my wife, Sun Yon. She's the only person that has unquestionable stood beside and in front of me. She provided the needed direction and support, right on time. I didn't want to disappoint and didn't even know it until I really understood. Not bad for a high school dropout!

It's difficult for me to talk about my family without fully acknowledging some things my sister thought or may think I forgot. I have to say I never forgot anything, I just didn't find use for a lot of the things I do recall (that's for you Tina). That's just who I am. I do know and remember everything as it happened! I just want to live in today and work to be the best father and husband I can be. We are all imperfect; I just want those imperfections to be less pronounced so my children can have the best example of what to be.

Wow, didn't mean for that to happen, but I got to take it in stride. I only have to answer to a few folks, and they all just happen live under the same roof! If I left off here, I'd not have talked about Joseph or Shauna, and I couldn't do that.

Joseph is my only son and is 10 years old. He's a great guy. Smart as can be, sometimes too smart! He's in 4th grade but in 5th grade classes (how does that work)? Must be like an ace in the whole, like I ever had one! I think he's still looking for what he finds interesting, he finds interesting, not me. But that's cool, he's a great son. I'll do what I can to point him in a direction seemingly successful, but you just have to know Joseph. He is successful and I'm sure always will be.

Shauna is my little baby girl. She's the one who never gets in (real) trouble. She's just too cute for that! I sometimes worry about her in school, but have to realize what her strengths are. I'll be bold here and say that academics are not her strong suite. She is just too innocent for simple things. It must be hard for her to keep up with the rest of her class. Her birthday is the 9th of September and the cutoff for school was 1 September. So really she is a year behind in age compared to the majority of her classmates. This happened because I was selfish. Her brother was in the grade in front of her and I didn't want there to be two years separating the two of them. I thought it'd be cool for her big brother to be there for her in case a boy gave her trouble later. Regardless, she is a great compliment to her big sister, just the opposite.

Again, I intended this to be an update for those regular readers of the "A Random Chance" blog. I enjoy reading what is happening with the rest of the family and only wanted to help everyone see where we have been and might be going. I encourage those who have not submitted a post here to bring us up to date with you.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Cripes - another renovation project

We had so much fun renovating our bathroom that we decided to do another project. This time we're deleting a bedroom. What we're doing is converting our 3 bedroom condo into a 2 bedroom. When we redid the bathroom we accidentially got rid of half of Margie's closet space. Now that is bad because she had to store a lot of her clothes in big plastic tubs.

The 3 bedrooms were fairly small as you may remember if you ever visited. That really didn't matter much since one of the three was used as my office and the other just a junk room. The change we're making combines half of one of the bedrooms with the master bedroom, making it an actual master bedroom. Doing this makes the master bedroom and the rennovated bathroom a master suite. The resulting bedroom is roughly 23 feet by 18 feet, big enough for a party.

The remaining half of the bedroom (the other half is being added to the master) is being converted into a walk-in closet - giving Margie back her lost closet space. I get some too and really need it because in between the two combined rooms was a small closet that was a part of the original master bedroom(on the master bedroom side) and another small closet in the bedroom beng used as an office. The walk-in closet will be 16 feet by 8 feet. We'll outfit it with a closet system, We discovered that you can find some nifty such systems, custom designed, on line.

The other thing we're doing is embedding our large screen TV into the living room wall. The back of the living room is a closet so we'll lose half of that to house the TV. That is okay because, well, we're adding a walk-in as discussed above. The result will be more living room space.

Of course the Christmas Tree is still up and we have "stuff" sitting everywhere and everything is a complete mess at the moment. Once it is complete we'll have a very comfortable home, albeit shy one bedroom.