Friday, January 06, 2006

Cripes - another renovation project

We had so much fun renovating our bathroom that we decided to do another project. This time we're deleting a bedroom. What we're doing is converting our 3 bedroom condo into a 2 bedroom. When we redid the bathroom we accidentially got rid of half of Margie's closet space. Now that is bad because she had to store a lot of her clothes in big plastic tubs.

The 3 bedrooms were fairly small as you may remember if you ever visited. That really didn't matter much since one of the three was used as my office and the other just a junk room. The change we're making combines half of one of the bedrooms with the master bedroom, making it an actual master bedroom. Doing this makes the master bedroom and the rennovated bathroom a master suite. The resulting bedroom is roughly 23 feet by 18 feet, big enough for a party.

The remaining half of the bedroom (the other half is being added to the master) is being converted into a walk-in closet - giving Margie back her lost closet space. I get some too and really need it because in between the two combined rooms was a small closet that was a part of the original master bedroom(on the master bedroom side) and another small closet in the bedroom beng used as an office. The walk-in closet will be 16 feet by 8 feet. We'll outfit it with a closet system, We discovered that you can find some nifty such systems, custom designed, on line.

The other thing we're doing is embedding our large screen TV into the living room wall. The back of the living room is a closet so we'll lose half of that to house the TV. That is okay because, well, we're adding a walk-in as discussed above. The result will be more living room space.

Of course the Christmas Tree is still up and we have "stuff" sitting everywhere and everything is a complete mess at the moment. Once it is complete we'll have a very comfortable home, albeit shy one bedroom.


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

sounds like you have a real job ahead of you. Are you going to post photos when you are done? Carolyn

Mike said...

Yes I will, check back in a few days. Project is taking a few days longer than (the contractor) anticipated. Coming along nicely though.