Friday, November 07, 2008

My Candidates Lost

Okay so the first Tuesday of November has come and gone and my candidates lost. Of course I am sad but then again my choice didn’t lose by enough to convince me that the nation has gone completely mad.

It is important to remember that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama had the media sucking his … and he reversed his commitment to only take public financing so he had wheel barrows full of cash to buy advertising between the media slurps.

I enthusiastically await Barack Hussein Obama’s sprinkling of magic dust to see him provide free healthcare for all, income tax reductions for people who do not pay income tax in the first place, and then to bring the entire world to the campfire so we can toast marshmallows and hug and shit.

He’s promised to deliver a lot, how sad do you think the loonies will be once he cannot? Time will tell. Actually that is the bright spot because not everyone who voted for his majesty were loons, some were actually well intentioned but mislead by the press.

Mislead by the press? How could that be? Now there’s a good question because if you had paid attention over the last 8 years you would realize than McCain / Palin ticket lost because the press demonized Republicans in general and President Bush specifically. The electorate, guided once again by the press, tied McCain / Palin to President Bush so they stacked the deck.

If you give the Bush presidency some thought you’ll remember that:

  • President Bush came to power just as the infamous boom came to a screeching halt and the stock market hit a difficult patch with a lot of folks losing both money and jobs.
  • The mistakes of the Clinton presidency bore fruit through the Al Q attacks on New York.
  • We know that the New York attacks were not the only planned, yet President Bush has prevented any more such attacks for 7 years. He did it by taking out an avowed enemy of our nation and suckering our enemies into a fight on our terms in a place of our choosing.

Not the way the press reported it though, is it? Nope. Led by that pit of dishonest scum (The New York Times) we were told constantly that the Iraq war was evil because soldier died. Did the press explain to you that more civilians are killed in Philadelphia / Chicago than are killed in Iraq? Nope. They sure didn’t. Why didn’t they? It doesn’t matter but look at the results. We’ve won by any measure and the press has lost as have other dishonest news outlets such as MSBNC and the corporate evil that sells to Iran, GE.

Speaking of honesty and the press, have you ever heard them clamor against automobiles? No? Why not, automobile accidents kill in excess of 40,000 people each and every year.

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