Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Balkenizatin of America

I recently got into a discussion on a technical forum that took a turn away from technical (programming) considerations. We wound up discussing multiculturalism and I tried to make the point that multiculturalism would be the death of America and was contrary to the basic ideal of America as a melting pot, something that has made us great.

I was replied to with, "yes but your opinion doesn't matter because it has happened, what would you propose to do about it?" - my reply follows.

What does matter is touchy / feely politics and similar mindsets in our society have in fact created a balkenized nation.

To fix it, we need to:
Eliminate all government forms that are printed in a foreign languageEliminate all, "press 1 for ..." options, governmental and corporate. It seems like a stretch to "impose" on corporations in this manner, but with OSHA + EEOC + IRS - I would bet they'd be glad not to fret about the next language they need to support.

Eliminate all ESL classes and replace those with English classes for anyone here legally that cannot speak and write English. These English classes should be held after hours and conducted by teachers who either volunteer or recieve extra pay. The idea being to reserve core shool hours to teach the 3 R's.

To further that concept, we need to realize that the Blakenization isn't just a problem with recent entrants into our society - it is also a function of ghettos and the drug culture.

To correct these problems:
Eliminate all Federal funding for local schools that do not have a dress code, this is to eliminate the ghetto look in schools - helps to eliminate a ghetto mindset (stress helps, not a panacea).

Draw a line in the sand and require that anyone who is 12 (just pick an age) today must complete high school as a prerequisite for any government assistance that they might apply for once they reach adulthood.

Draw another line in the sand similar to the above and add marriage as a prerequisite to anyone who applies for governmental assistance for a child. They don't have to be married when they apply, just need to have been married when they gave birth.

The first line in the sand works against balkenization for folks who land on our shores.

The second works against balkenization for generations of folks (of all shades) who live in the ghetto.

Harsh? yep - but without doing something radical 20 yer olds of today are looking at some dire circumstances 20 years down the road.

Then, legalize recreational drugs to take away the revenue source for the worse of ghetto denizens.

Finally, make it mandatory for all new entrants into America that are of public school age to take: American History and Civics.

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