Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Opinion, re: the November Election

McCain v. Obama

McCain is first and foremost a man with integrity and a love of his country.

I don't trust McCain on: immigration, global warming (I think he's sipped the kool-aid or bought into what I consider to be the secular religion - back to worshipping mother earth).

I'm iffy on McCain regarding economic issues, my preference being open / free / a relatively unregulated market. I'm not terribly astute on these issues but every time the government tries to fix or regulate you get a patch on a flea applied by a gorilla - temporary relief with a subsequent doubling or tripling of problems somewhere else. But, he's not about to target the income and assets of high earners so everyone else can get a government written check in the mail as proposed by Obama. Additionally, he'll seek good advice.

I absolutely trust McCain to deal effectively with international issues, security and I want him to lead with the awakened Russia over there and Marxists south of us (Chavez,

I don't trust Obama's integrity, he's entirely too comfortable with the left as exhibited by: his friendship with an admitted and unrepentant American terrorist, his pastor of 20 years and a radical Chicago priest (who should be thrown out of the church). His background is suspect and I do not believe we have an honest picture. I struggle to see how a single mother was able to educate him via private schools. Similarly I don't believe his self portrayal as a black man, he was educated and raised by whites and portraying himself as the every black man who made it in the white mans world is fraudulent, in short, he's no Michael Steele.

I don't trust Obama at all when it comes to the economy. His view is socialism at best and that isn't the economic model that I want to live under. There's little doubt the USA is moving in that direction but it is death to a nation built on capitalism, I want no part of it.

I consider Obama weak and believe he'll fold the first time a Putin or doofus from Iran calls his bluff. With Russia breast beating and China on a roll, I want someone a damn sight stronger in the Whitehouse.

Palin v. Biden

Has been rejected by his own party twice. Reportedly has a vast amount of international knowledge, yet has been on the wrong side of every current issue. Was willing to cut all funding for our soldiers in Iraq with little concern for the resulting effect on both those men and the Iraqis themselves.

Biden has little or no integrity, participating with Obama railing against lobbyists and just today had his son quit his job as a lobbyist. Apparently it just became visible.

Touts himself as a practicing Catholic yet doesn't follow the tenets of his faith.

This is not the man to have a heartbeat away from the presidency.

A fresh face with a quick mind and a role model for young women throughout our country.

Little or no real international knowledge but, as I said, she has a quick and facile mind and will learn. Her approach will be conservative with America foremost in her mind, and I like that.

On security and defense, I believe she'll learn from McCain and that is good.

McCain and Palin - one more thing
Both McCain and Palin will I beleive be supportive of bringing in the likes of Liebermann as well as Democrats and other independents. At no time has Obama led me to believe his presidency would be anything other than a Democratic fiefdom.

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