Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The stupidity of the GOP

Well not the entire GOP, just (for the moment) Eric Cantor. Speaking to students at American University Cantor stated that the Republicans intend to push for repeal of that abomination known as ObamaCare.

Cantor went on to say that Republicans would incorporate some of the "good" ideas of ObamaCare into the Republican replacement. Those "good" ideas (according to Cantor) are: coverage for pre-existing conditions and the ability of "children" (up to the age of 26) to stay on their parent's plan.

What idiocy. This statement of Cantor's is as ignorant as anything out of Obama's mouth concerning health insurance. Health insurance as with insurance in general is a financial product that protects the purchaser against risk. If you have a re-existing condition and an insurance company is forced to cover you then you are recieving WELFARE, you are not purchasing insurance.

The idea of covering 25 year olds on a parent's plan is also idiocy. 26 years old and you're a child? Stupid, stupid, stupd.

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