Saturday, October 22, 2005

Letter to the editor - Islam

Muslims around the world are missing an important point.

That point being that there is a tremendous amount of murder and mayhem taking place around the world in the name of Islam. If Muslims believe, as I've been told, or want to contend that Islam is a peaceful religion then, they could quickly put a stop to the hateful commentary by condeming the evil done in the name of Islam. If they would I would warrant that the hateful posts and snide remarks would cease world wide.

No one gives a flying fuck who someone prays to, who someone worships, how someone prays, how someone worships, etc. but they do care that there are murderers, spinless fucking creatures of the shadows who intentionally, not accidently, but purposefully, kill and maim innocents - all in the name of Allah and in the name of Islam. No Muslim I've seen posting on bulletin boards, writing articles for newspapers, sitting for interviews on the cable news shows and no mainstream or well known Islamic spokesman speaks up to condem it.

And by the way, saying Bush is a Christian and look what he does doesn't mean shit. Yes he prosecuted a war in Afganistan and we killed God only knows how many, yes he prosecuted a war in Iraq but he did so neither in the name of a religion nor did he do it in the name of God. Folks may not agree with either war but both were prosecuted because of his belief it was necessary to live up to his obligations as the elected president of the United States and not because he's attempting to convert the world to his religous beliefs.

So until you Muslims speak up against what is being done in the name of Islam, ya'll can all fuck off. A prime example of the peaceful religion of Islam[^] just took place in Egypt. The crowd, no doubt, was urged on by some jackass in the Mosque.

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