Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Letter to the editor - White Caucus

Can I join it? Well no I can't because it doesn't exist and if I tried to create it I am certain that I would be in deep legal trouble. I have wondered about this for years, it is one of those things that sort of tickle the back of your mind. There is even a Hispanic Caucus[^].

Now the way I remember these sorts of things, this shouldn't be allowed. Try to form a club and exclude women. If you get tired of that, try forming a club and exclude gays. You'll get spanked again.

Seems the law of the land has somehow decided that the traditional white middle class should not exist.

A young Tennessee representative has decided to take an unusual approach to the same conceptual problem, he is trying to join the Black Caucus[^] but he is having a bit of a problem. Now that he is attempting to join it looks like mainstream media is digging a bit deeper[^].

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