Saturday, October 01, 2005

Letter to the editor - Minutemen

Sorry President Bush, but here is one thing we certainly disagree on - the Minutemen[^]. These guys are doing what the federal government should be doing. We're literally being invaded and overrun and neither political party has the balls to do anything about it. With the Minutemen we have private citizens doing what should be done, something in keeping with our history and heritage.

Minutemen - my thanks. Generally people believe there is no harm: cheap labor, the American dream, they're only interested in providing for their families. Horseshit. These illegals cost us dearly. Increased taxes to pay for court (can you believe these are American courts?) mandated social services, increased taxes to pay for jail and prison staff, increased taxes for schools (why would we educate illegals?), the loss of entry level jobs.

You hear the old saw, "they're only taking jobs we won't do", but that is crap. If illegals weren't here filling these jobs the wages for the jobs would go high enough to attract entry level workers. Failing that, and this is one of our big losses, American engenuity would be applied to somehow fill the void.

Again, Minutemen - my thanks.


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tinaoz said...

Living here in Texas myself, I HAVE TO STRONGLY AGREE as well...THANKS for your voice Daddy!!!!!

MG said...

First I'll start by saying that I wholeheartedly respect the fact that the Minutemen are attempting to accomplish what the Federal Government should in a concerted effort be focused on, protecting the borders. However, if our only concern is to take issue with employment at the entry level and raise concern over taxes, well, I must disagree here.
The question at hand is much larger than entry level employment and incrementally higher taxes. I think our basic liberty is as at stake by our reluctance to secure not only our Southern border but our Northern border as well. Is the real issue with nationality, or is it with the vulnerability of our borders, seemingly open to those whom might do us harm?