Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Day 0 - The Bathroom Rennovation

We decided to rennovate (well, have it rennovated) our "master" bathroom. Since we're pack rats we had everything stuffed to the gills and had to spend the better part of Sunday the 11th clearing stuff out and making it ready for the start of the rennovation project. This series of pictures show the result of removing everything.

The spare room is now a huge closet, with Margie's clothes and all the bathroom toiletries, towels, toilet paper, vitamins, tooth brushes and assorted car cleaning stuff (which had been in the closet). Actually a lot of the towels and toiletries went into the extra (Moose's) bathroom. The vitamins went on my bedroom chest of drawers and Margie's clothes are onteh spare room.

It sure looked different, empty. Moose really didn't appreciate our taking over her bathroom, but she'll have to live with it for about 3 weeks as teh rennovation takes place.

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