Sunday, September 11, 2005

Today was the last day in court!! Hooray!

The saga of the custody battle may now be over an the youngster you see here, my great grandson, has a shot at a decent life.

Quiana, his mother, did not show, so she was in default. She was aware of the court date, and even told Randall (my grandson, the father) that she knew of the date and what it was about, "finalizing the custody agreement". Randall now has "superior rights of custody," and Quiana will retain her 1st and 3rd weekends visitation at her mother's apt. If her mother moves out of Dallas County, Quiana will have her visitation in Tina's home. Tina is my daughter, Randall's mother. Quiana also gets the privilege of paying child support and has 30 days to protest. That would involve retaining an attorney, filing a motion, etc - since she didn't see fit to make the court date we'll assume she'll not protest.

Randall, Tina and Oz are so happy they can't see straight and want thank everyone for their support and prayers while they have gone through all of this!! It has definitely been a trying time but they couldn't have gotten through it without the prayers and good wishes of all.

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tinaoz said...

Do you know Tyler (4 yrs) is counting to 10 in Spanish, by himself? He can say most of the alphabet in Spanish now too...It is amazing what children can absorb at an early age, and what's even better is that he is enjoying it so much!

His most recent "thing" is putting together jigsaw puzzles! (He can almost do his United States map by himself) We are having so much fun! He likes the 100 piece ones.

Tina (aka Nana)