Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day 3 - Ceiling volunteers to come down

Holy moley, the toilet is now gone. The rest of the ceiling volunteered to come down so the bathroom building contractor will have to replace the entire ceiling. This is a good thing though since we'll have a ceiling that is 4 inches higher than it was before. For some reason the way this place was originally constructed they built the ceiling much lower than it needed to be to run electrical and water runs.

The tub (that wonderful swirly tub) was delivered and it will be set by tomorrow night. I included a hallway shot to show the wall that will be coming down, probably tomorrow as well. The result is going to be very open bathroom, opened into the master bedroom (which frankly is too small for the word, "master").

Ultimately we'll reconfigure our master bedroom and middle bedroom into something quite different, but that will not be until we finish the bath.

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